Twin Heat Module – with Two (2) Advantage 3 Programmers / Controllers


CATALOG: 13004

The Cooperheat Twin Heat module is designed to work: with most welding machines to provide accurate control of pre heat and post weld heat treatment.

The Cooper Twin Heat Module channels and controls the current from your welding machine via heavy duty contactors that are regulated by unique Advantage 3 mini programmers, which accurately control the desired temperature of your heat treatment process via thermocouples that run from the work to the Twin Heat Module.

Shipping to USA & Canada

 Quality: ISO 9001:2000
 Accuracy:+ 0.3 C

Case Dimensions:

 Height: 9.8″ 25 cm
 Width: 10.6″ 27 cm
 Depth: 16.9″ 43 cm
 Weight: 27.5 lbs 12.5 kg

Twin Heat Module – Specifications

 General Specs:Display: 8 segment LED, Temperature set point and actual
Input Instrument Supply : 110 V a.c , 5A , 50/60 Hz
Maximum input per channel: 180 A , 60 V
( up to our parallell connected 60 V , 2.7 Kw heaters per channel )
 Environmental / SafetyEnvironment: Operating temperature range: -10 to + 55 °C
 Controllers:Controlled by two ‘Advantage3’ programmer/controllers
Temperature input signal : Thermocouple Type K

Twin Heat Module – Layout Diagram with Five Elements

Twin Heat Module – Replacement Parts List

Components Part Number
300 Amp Panel Mounted Female Camlocks508-001
300A recessed Male Camlok508-003
110 V , 15 A Auxiliary Supply Socket P/M516-002
Panel Mounted Thermocouple Socket516-125
250A contactor c/w Magnetic blow out526-050
Panel Mounted Fuse Holders530-001
5 Amp 1.25″ Glass Fuse530-053
10 a 1.25″ Glass Fuse530-054
Power on Neons538-017
Temperature Controller548-055