Mini-Weld – Thermocouple Attachment Unit

Mini-Weld Thermocouple

 Voltage: (100 Volts a.c.)
 Catalog #: 41755


Shipping to USA & Canada


 Height: 6.18″ 157 mm
 Width: 3.75″ 95 mm
 Depth: 1.77″ 45 mm
 Weight: 1.65 lbs 0.74 kg


The Mini-weld unit is significantly lighter and smaller than the standard unit and therefore is more portable. The unit is therefore particularly useful in locations where access is poor.

The unit may be worn on a belt so permitting the operation freedom for access and manipulation in confined spaces.

Unlike the standard unit the smaller mini unit is powered by AA batteries and therefore has a lower number of applications before recharge.



Four (4) AA Batteries
Light Weight and Inexpensive to replace

OPERATION: Mini-Weld Thermocouple

  • Remove loose scale or rust by wire brushing or other suitable means.
  • Dress a small area no more than 100mm from attachment point to bright metal for return magnet
  • Set the output to approx 80% of maximum output.
  • Push back insulation on thermocouples wire to expose 5mm of bare wire.
  • Grip conductor wire 4mm from wire end with pliers & firmly touch wire end to attachment point at 90°
  • Press discharge button.
  • Gently bend wire through 90° 3-4mm above surface. If weld is sound, repeat for second conductor wire. Weld to be approx 5mm apart.


OPERATION: Mini-Weld Thermocouple

Preheating for mini-weld thermocouple attachment is not normally necessary. The typical depth of penetration of the weld is only in the order of 0.20mm and the associated heat affected zone in the parent metal extends by up to a further 0.10mm.

On completion of the heat treatment process, the thermocouple conductor wires can be readily removed and the area light dressed.

Section through Weld between Type K Conductor and Ferritic Steel Component.