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Infrared Gas Burners

SCU – Surface Combustion Burner
Catalog # 6262/P/3

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When electrical resistance heating is not possible or too extensive but optimum heat distribution at lowest emission is required you can use Infrared gas burners in use. 
Infra-red surface combustion preheater unit’s( SCU’s) are efficient and economical to use.Being simple to set up and versatile in use,they are also suitable for applications other than preheating.
Surface Combustion Unit(SCU)

1) Preheat vertical or horizontal seams,
2) Circumferential seams on large rotating vessels all to temperatures up to 300C.
3) Natural gas,butane or propane gas(LPG) can be used.
4) Deliverable with flame control and rapid shut-down which responds if burner extinguishes
Power:    4.2-8.1 kW
Gas pressure:    0.4-.69 bar or 5.8 – 10.0 PSI
Natural Gas: 1.38 bar or 20 PSI
Consumption: 0.350-0.650 kg/h
Weight:    2.2 kg or 4.4 lbs
Dimensions:    610 mm” x 152 mm (24″ X 6″)
Temp.  Operation:   800 C – 1000C
Cooperheat SCU’s operate at surface temperatures between 800C and 1000C.LPG at a pressure of 1.38 bar or natural at a pressure range of between 0.4 and 0.69 bar is fed into the unit,mixed with air in an integral plenum chamber and burned on the external surface of the ceramic fiber face, providing a highly efficient heat source. Burners may be fed singly from a hand controlled manifold,or from Cooperheat’s gasmatic twin heat module control unit (6263/7)providing up to sixteen burners in multiples of four.Ignition can be achieved by lighted taper,paper spill piezo electric ignition which can be supplied as an option.
Gas cost savings of up to thirty-three per cent against the open flame gas burner method of preheating can be achieved by using Cooperheat’s SCU’s,together with more even heat distribution and accurate temperature control
Additional advantages are:
1) Clean and easy to operate
2) Incandescent ceramic fiber tiles give a no flame impingement preheat to the workpiece.
3) Up to three extra burners can be added to a single burner using quick connection couplings
4) Optical pyrometer and roller or skid thermocouples can be provided for temperature control of revolving scen

Infrared Gas burner & SCU Parts and Spares

Plaque & Gasket Set

Stock Ref:Description
6262/P/15Plaque and Gasket Set Come with six per set

Domed Incalloy Grill

Stock Ref:Description
562-142Domed Incalloy Grill

BSP Atmospheric Injector

Stock Ref:Description
562-004BSP Atmospheric Injector c/w lock washer complete

Piezo Spark Ignition Kit

Stock Ref:Description
6262/25Piezo Spark Ignition Kit

Twin Outlet Manifold & Pressure Regulator

Stock Ref:Description
6263/2Twin Outlet Manifold & Pressure Regulator

Thermal Magnetic Flame Failure

Stock Ref:Description
6262/20Thermal Magnetic Flame Failure

Linking Hose

Stock Ref:Description
6264/L/6/CSix Metre Link hose with fitted couplings