Heat Treatment Equipment – Wiring And Cables

Our heat treatment wires and cables are shipped from our Calgary office for quick delivery throughout the USA and Canada.

Inter-connection cables

Used for interconnection between separate instruments and equipment when using with Stork modular heat treatment equipment system.

Stock Ref:Description
340133m’jumper’compensating cable lead fitted with two type K thermocouple plugs
330093m, 3 core, controller/programmer 110V control lead


Ref:34013: To connect thermocouple input on controller/programmer to the recorder.

Ref:33009: To connect controller/programmer output power source control input.

Splitter cables

For use with triple cable sets. Splitters are used where the operator needs to connect multiple heating elements, in parallel, to triple cable sets to enable the control of multiple heating elements. This enables the heating elements to be grouped to a single control output from a heat treatment unit to allow accurate zonal temperature control.

Stock Ref:Description
320012 Way splitter
320023 Way splitter
320034 Way splitter
320045 Way splitter

Thermocouple compensating cable

Suitable for use with type K thermocouples where thermocouples in addition to the control thermocouples are required for temperature monitoring purposes. Available in 30m lengths complete with type K thermocouple plug and socket or in 100m rolls without plug and socket (plugs and sockets can be supplied separately as required)

Stock Ref:Description
3400030m Compensating cable fitted with type K thermocouple plug and socket
34008100m roll of compensating cable without thermocouple plug or socket
Roll of Thermocouple Compensating Cable - 34000 - 34008
Compensating Link Cable - controller/programmer to recorder input

Triple cable sets

For use with heat treatment units controlling 30V, 40V, 60V, and 80V heating elements. Includes two double insulated cables for power feed and return, fitted with 300A male and female connectors and one compensating cable fitted with type K thermocouple plug and socket.

Stock Ref:Description
3502015m Triple cable set 135A
3502430m Triple cable set 135A
3503230m Triple cable set 180A
3503330m Triple cable set 280A

Thermocouple wire

Type K nickel chrome/nickel aluminum thermocouple wire, insulated with high temperature glass braid. Recommended maximum temperature 800ºC. A consumable item, which is used to convert the thermal energy at the hot junction of the thermocouple to an electrical mV signal which can then used by temperature control and recording instruments to accurately record and control the temperature of the item being heat treated.

Conforms to:BS EN 60584-1 : 1996 part 4,
BS EN 60584-2 : 1993 class 1
ANSI-MC96The thermocouple wire is attached directly to the work piece using Stork’s ‘thermocouple attachment unit’
Stock Ref:Description
41756(110V unit)
41757(230V unit)
43000100m roll of type K thermocouple wire

Heating Element Wire

Heating element core wire and cold tail wire for repair heaters.

Stock Ref:Description
502-05019 Strand 80/20 core wire
502-00319 Strand nickel 212 cold tail wire
502-00119 Strand 60/16 Ni Cr core wire