Heat Treatment Equipment – Measuring Devices

Heat Treatment Equipment Programmers, Temperature Controllers & Calibration Units are shipped out of our Calgary facility for quick shipping in the USA & Canada.

Spare Advantage 3 programmer/controller

Replacement ‘Advantage 3’ linkable, programmer/controller. See ‘Advantage 3’ data sheet for full details and specification.

Stock Ref:Description
548-055‘Advantage 3’ linkable, programmer/controller

Temperature Controller

The CXT1000 temperature controller provides temperature control to a single output channel. The controller raises the temperature of the workpiece to the selected temperature and maintains it at that level. The unit displays both workpiece and set point temperatures.

Stock Ref:Description
548-045CXT1000 temperature controller

Advantage 3 programmer/controller heat treatment unit upgrade kit

Contains the necessary parts and instructions required for upgrading any make or model of heat treatment unit to provide the additional functionality, user benefits and cost savings provided by the ‘Advantage 3’ linkable programmer/controller. See ‘Advantage 3 upgrade kit’ data sheet for full details and specification.

Stock Ref:Description
12300‘Advantage 3’ linkable programmer/controller, heat treatment unit upgrade kit

Thermocouple calibration unit

The hand held VA710 thermocouple calibration unit is an accurate measurement and millivolt source instrument, which is used to calibrate thermocouple instrumentation. It can measure or simulate 8 different thermocouple types and be used as a millivolt source.

The instrument comes with 2 miniature type K thermocouple plugs, 6 x AAA 1.5V batteries, a user’s manual and a calibration certificate.

Stock Ref:Description
41511VA710 thermocouple calibration unit

Clamp meter

The HHM59 is an AC multifunction clamp meter capable of measuring a.c or d.c voltage to 600V, a.c current upto 1000A, resistance upto 2MΩ and temperature upto 750ºC using a type K thermocouple. Supplied with 1 x 9V battery and a 1m type K thermocouple. Dimensions are 229(H) x 69(W) x 38(D) mm and weight is 0.31kg.

Stock Ref:Description
44007HHM59 clamp meter / digital thermometer