Heat Treatment Equipment – Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment can be purchased through our Canadian head office for shipment within the USA & Canada.

Banding Wire

For Bands of more than 4 heating elements, Viaduct recommends that steel banding clips are used to ensure the heaters remain in full contact with the pipe. For temperatures in excess of 650 C we recommend using stainless steel banding and clips.

Please note that mild steel banding should not be used on Chrome Molybdenum post weld heat treatments.

Stock Ref:Description
28257Mild steel banding (30 m roll )
29259Stainless Steel banding ( 30 M roll)

Banding Machine

For tightening, cutting off and clipping mild and stainless steel banding.

Stock Ref:Description
29256Winder banding machine
29255Ratchet banding machine

Banding Clips

Mild and stainless steel clips for fastening mild and stainless steel banding.

Stock Ref:Description
29258Mild Steel banding clips ( Box 100)
29260Stainless steel banding clips  ( Box 100)

Banding Tie wire

For heating element bands of less than 4 heating elements, soft iron wire is adequate to fix the heating elements and insulation around the workpiece.

Stock Ref:Description
29266Soft iron Wire ( 25 kg roll)

Elastic Strapping

Used to temporarily hold ceramic pad heating elements in place whilst they are correctly positioned and spaced prior to fixing in place with tie wire or banding.

Stock Ref:Description
29266Soft iron Wire ( 25 kg roll)

Cramp Strapping

20 x 1.5mm cramp strapping used for the fixing of insulation to spheres, vessels, tanks and other large diameter vessels. A 150mm spike folds out from the strapping every 300mm for the insulation blanket to be pushed onto and held in place.

Stock Ref:Description
2930020 x 1.5mm mild steel cramp strapping per meter

Personal Protective Equipment

We are able to supply a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). An example list of the items available is detailed below. (For applicable items please state sizes required when ordering).

 Safety boots
Hi-Viz vests and jackets
Navy polo shirt
Green lined welding gauntlets
Safety glasses
Safety helmet
Disposable dust mask
Rigger gloves
Ear defenders


Various fuses and holders available as spares for our equipment. Common parts detailed below.

Stock Ref:Description
530-001Panel mounting fuseholder 1.25″
530-023200A SIBA flat fuse
530-032200A semiconductor fuse T350
530-0535A glass fuse 1.25″
530-05410A glass fuse 1.25″
530-080DIN rail mounting fuseholder

Electrical Fittings

All wiring and cable accessories as used in our equipment are available for purchase. The more common parts detailed below.

Stock Ref:Description
558-001Large cable ties
558-002Small cable ties
558-003Large stick on bases
558-004Small stick on bases
520-01835 x 8mm copper cable lugs
520-01935 x 10mm copper cable lugs
520-01325 x 8mm copper cable lugs
520-03070 x 10mm copper cable lugs
520-0696.3mm insulated red receptacles
520-070/16.3mm insulated blue receptacles