Leading innovators in Thermal Technology with over fifty years experience in the field of heat treatment equipment, full range of thermal engineering solutions; multichannel module, compact heat treatment units, data recorders, remote control programmers, spares and accessories.

Copperheat products are recognized globally for their quality and high standards of safety, durability and reliability.


Heat Treatment Equipment

All equipment is designed and manufactured by highly qualified engineers and technicians.


Viaduct offers a range of solutions tailored to your specifications with distribution to all U.S. States as well as Canada.


We work with various U.S. and Canadian industry organizations and adopt best practice methods to ensure our courses consistently meet recognized standards. The training is carried out by experienced Stork® supervisors.

Heat Treatment Equipment – line includes:

Temperature programmers and recorders ( Chino and Fuji )
Heat Treatment Recorders
Thermocouples and thermocouple attachment units (TAU Units)
Thermocouple Attatchment Unit | Mini-Weld Thermocouple Attatchment Unit | Thermocouples
Cooperknit Insulation Blankets and Mats
Cooperknit Insulation Blanket
Furnaces and oven upgrades, repairs and refurbishments
Cooperheat Engineering
Heat Treatment Wiring
Wiring & Cables
Heat Treatment equipment spares, accessories and consumables
Consumables | Wiring & Cables | Ancilliary Equipment

Viaduct is a leader in Heat treatment equipment and services. All Viaduct employees are dedicated to performance, excellence and client satisfaction delivered through training, support and strong customer service.

We inventory Heat Treatment Equipment here at our Calgary Location for quick turn around time for our clients in the United States and Canada. We have certified technicians to service the Heat Treatment Equipment quickly and cut down on repair time.